Always Getting a 500 Internal Server Error in Laravel 6 or 7

Always Getting a 500 Internal Server Error in Laravel 6 or 7

There is maybe the various reason for getting 500 Internal Server Error in Laravel. But in most cases, it occurs when you had changed the permission from true to false in the Laravel .env file.

When we start work on any laravel application then in 99% of cases firstly you had setup your Application in the localhost Server and after finishing that you make it live on the server.  So just think 1 minute about what you have changed before making online your application, In General case, we have had changed Application Name, Server name,  App Debug type, Database name, Database server ID, Database server Password, and the rest things in the .env file.

  If you had changed APP_DEBUG=false like


Then you alway getting 500 | Server Error .

So the Only one solutions is that change it from true to false.

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