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Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites

Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites

Firstly We Exaplin about Static Website so lets start 

What is Static website?

A static website is that has no any  external databased attached  and written completely in HTML with styling css or havascript or jquery. It means that every user who visits ton hat website will receive the exact same information. Additionally, making updates to static websites means going directly into the HTML and making the changes from there.

What is a dynamic website?

A dynamic website on the other hand, can generate content based on the user that is generate data from database dynamically. Lets take an example of any social media plateform like facebook,twitter or linkedin , when you login or sign up, the pages which you have seen after login the same page will show by another user also  but have noticed that on the same page if you will logined in you are able to see your friend list or if your friend will see to that page with her/his own login id password he or she will able to her frined list. so these are the Dynamic website.

Dynamicc website developed by programming Language like PHP , Java, Python,, Angular  and many more.

static website developed with the help of HTML and CSS.

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