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Digital Marketing and Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Types of Digital Marketing

Over the past few years, the way of marketing has taken a new direction. These days, Digital Marketing is in its bloom. As the usage over the internet increasing continuously, the advertiser also rolling butter in their business. Digital Marketing has opened many gates for an ad agency to promote their business worldwide cost-effectively and easily. But if you are new to this Digital Marketing world. Then Here are the tips and types of Digital Marketing:

Before entering in the brief detailing, let's first know more about Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing: -

It is a marketing strategy that is based on online platforms to promote products and services using digital gadgets like computers and mobile.

In simple words, it is marketing on Social Media. The advertisers use the advantage of social media traffic to promote their business. There are many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Websites, YouTube, and apps through which an advertiser gets the attention of maximum people.

But the interesting fact is that it only reaches those people who are interested in that kind of ad or product. In this system, ads can hit the target audience.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

1) Maximum Reach

2) Cost-effective

3) Better Conversions rate

4) Targeted Audience

5) Better results

6) Lead Generation

7) Establish name in the market

Now let's look into the types of Digital Marketing:

1) PPC (Pay Per Click):

It is one of the most using forms of Digital Marketing Agencies  in India  like Google and Bing provide this kind of facility where an advertiser can advertise its ad on the paid section (top section)

of the search page or on the website, which does not belong to the advertiser. But here advertiser has to pay for each click on its ad. The PPC depends on various majors like the quality score of the website, Keyword selection, and Spot for the ad (There are 4 spots in Google where they publish the ad). However, the PPC or spot of the ad is also dependent on the bid. Google and Bing publish an ad based on an auction between advertisers. So, the higher the bid, means higher the spot.

2) SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

 It is the practice of increasing the quality of traffic to the website. The ranking of the website on a search page is SEO. Ranking of the website matters for every business because the growth is dependent on ranking on a search page. Here a question arises. How a website rank higher on a search page or, how does SEO works?

Whenever a query is put in any search engine, the search engine identifies the keywords and crawl for the most relevant data to the keywords. After gathering all the data, the search engine shows all the results. But the ranking depends on quality score, credibility, and web traffic. So, the most relevant and credible website rank on the top of the unpaid section of the search page.

3) SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

This type of marketing strategy deals with keywords. SEM covers both PPC and SEO strategies to bring traffic to the website. The search engine works on any query by crawling the relevant data to the keywords of the query. If the website has the correct proportion of keyword density, then it would succeed. The keyword is the core of SEM. All the impressions depend on Keywords which is relevant to your business profile.

4) Social Media Marketing:

This type of marketing is different from the above methods. The advertisers use Social Media for advertisement because social media is very effective. Most people spend most of their time on Social Media. This creates a great opportunity for businesses- to post a blog, image, and video. Here an advertiser can go to maximum reach. We also provide Best Social Media Marketing Agency in India

5) Content Marketing:

This style of marketing works differently. All the big brands use this style to enrich their content on the website or blog to increase web traffic. Content writing is defined as writing attractive or SEO content. So, it can attract more audience and also increase the quality score.

6) Affiliate Marketing:

An Influencer or Affiliate marketing is promoting the products on Social media with the help of some well-known social influencer. This form of marketing is rapidly turning its pace through Instagram and YouTube, where famous Youtuber or Influencer charge money for publishing any product or brand.

7) Email Marketing:

This type of marketing is used mostly in companies, where the company sends bulk mail to all its clients. This is direct marketing or B2B (Business to Business) Marketing. This marketing is done to approach maximum B2B deals.

8) Television Marketing:

One of the oldest or still successful marketing strategies. Most families spend their spare time watching television-this is the reason why advertisers still choose television for marketing. This is one of the most effective, but it can be a load for the advertiser because of its expense.

9) Radio Marketing:

From Poor to Rich People, all listen to the radio- this is why advertisers choose to publish its ad. Same as the television industry, Radio is now considered under Digital Marketing.

10) Mobile Marketing:

All kinds of marketing-mentioned above are now shifting towards mobile marketing. Now, all these advertisements can be seen on mobile because most people spend most of their time on mobile.

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