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5 Most Useful Tips for Email Marketing

5 Most Useful Tips for Email Marketing

In today's technological age, email marketing is one of the most important ways to stay in touch with your customers and build lasting relationships. This is one of the cheapest and easiest, as you can save money on printing materials and postage by using email marketing.

This article focuses on 5 email marketing tips that will immensely help you improve your open rates, click-through, and sales.

Let’s get started!

  1. Send relevant newspapers that people like to read more:

    Nothing is more frustrating than opening such an email newsletter if the content written in an email newsletter is completely out of your interest. If your newsletters are filled with irrelevant content -- or ads with no real value -- people won't read them when they arrive in their inboxes.

    Instead, try sending emails based on current trends in your industry. For example, if you're at a conference or meeting where notable people are speaking, send an email newsletter with highlights of their speeches. Or, if your customers just bought something from you, send them a thank you note and see how they respond.

  2. Try to make it as simple as possible:

    Always keep in mind that a cluttered email can make it difficult for people to read important information or get to the point quickly. Not only does this make people less likely to click through to your site, but they'll feel stressed when reading it - which is not something you want when they're looking at one of your sales letters!

    Keep things simple by using only 1-3 fonts, no more than two colors in your design. Likewise, keep things brief. The easier you make it for people to browse through your newsletter, the better they will respond.

  3. Respect the Email Inbox

    As an email marketer, you want to build trust with your customers so that they know when they are getting emails from you that it is worth opening.

    However, if you're constantly sharing their inbox with unwanted sales offers or newsletters they haven't signed up for—no matter how relevant or interesting—there's a good chance you'll lose their trust (and future business.)

  4. Personalize Yourself Where Possible:

    People are busy - really busy. Between work, school, personal life, and other commitments, it's no wonder that many people no longer have time to have a proper meal! So, when they're opening an email from your business and see that you've used the default 'Dear Customer' greeting instead of something more personalized, chances are they'll consider it spam or junk mail.

    However, if you use things like first names instead of last names (unless you know they prefer otherwise) and job titles and any company names they can recognize, you can increase How much is your message read? This also applies to what they see when they open your email.

  5. Include a Strong Call to Action:

    I'm willing to bet you don't mind getting those 'coupon' emails from the store from time to time, right?

    But why do you get those emails instead of the store's actual newsletter containing coupons or special offers? Because their email newsletters lack a clear call to action it seems like an offer worth taking advantage of.


Bottom Line

No matter what you’re sending out to your email subscribers, these 5 most useful simple steps will help improve people’s chances of reading them.

Please note that the above guidelines don’t mean that people will read every word. But if you write an email newsletter that’s packed with vital information, is easy to navigate, and gives people a reason to buy your products or services, it certainly increases the chances.

So, start writing! And don’t forget to keep these tips in mind when you do!

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