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How to increase website DA and PA?

How to increase website DA and PA?

Before looking at the tips to increase DA and PA, let's know more about DA and PA. These days, the marketing concept changed. Every company looks at business through websites or online platforms. An online business can only be achieved through ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). There are various factors used by search engines that calculate the ranking of the website, but they are still secret.

DA and PA are ranks determining factors introduced by MOZ. DA stands for Domain Authority, and PA is Page Authority.

Domain Authority is a score that predicts the ranking of the website on Search Engine Result Pages, Whereas Page Authority is a score that predicts the ranking of the specific page on Search Engine Result Pages.

What is a good Domain Authority and Page Authority?

DA and PA both score on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher the score higher will be ranking. A score between 40 to 50 considered average and a score of 60 or more than 60 is excellent.

How to increase Website Domain Authority and Page Authority score?

MOZ uses almost 40 factors to determine the DA and PA of a website. Here are a few things which you can do to improve the Domain Authority and Page Authority score:

1) Create the Link Profile:

It is important to use multiple internal and external links to get a maximum rush on your website. I order to get high-quality links from MOZ trusted domain, create quality content.

2) Choose an attractive Domain name:

Choosing the right name that easily relates to your business profile and easy to remember.

3) Remove unwanted links:

Various toxic and bad links lead to bad sites that can affect your website. TrimWebSolutions is the leading Digital Marketing Agency in India

4) Promote on high DA and PA social sites:

One of the easy and big market-Social Media, using these platforms for your content promotion can increase web traffic on your content.

5) Mobile-friendly website:

Create mobile-optimized websites because recent studies show that more than half of the web traffic came from mobiles.

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