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How to solve "TypeError: process.getuid is not a function" in node js

How to solve "TypeError: process.getuid is not a function" in node js

You can do 3 things to fix that :

1- by change you day to any day excepted Monday Because this function if

  const now = new Date();
if (now.getDay() === MONDAY) {
    const { access, constants, statSync, utimesSync } = require("fs");
    const lastPrint = statSync(openCollectivePath).atime;
    const lastPrintTS = new Date(lastPrint).getTime();
    const timeSinceLastPrint = now.getTime() - lastPrintTS;
    if (timeSinceLastPrint > SIX_DAYS) {
        // On windows we need to manually update the atime
        access(openCollectivePath, constants.W_OK, e => {
            if (!e) utimesSync(openCollectivePath, now, now);

and that about donating to their package

2- remove that condition fileOwnerId === process.getuid()) , but it's Not Working for windows users so you can the last thing

3- add this "webpack-cli": "^3.3.5" to your package.json in dependencies and run npm that working for me.

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