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What is The Difference Between AngularJS and Angular?

What is The Difference Between AngularJS and Angular?

What's The Difference Between AngularJS and Angular?

Angular is a great and very fast loader framework. It has many new things introduces in respect to AngularJS. It will become more and more popular and I think that it is well suited to small as also to bigger applications.

In Term of What's the difference between AngularJS and Angular. The major Difference between AngularJS and Angular are as follows: 

AngularJS v/s Angular

AnguularJS Angular
AngularJS is written in JavaScript Angular is written in TypeScript language.
AngularJS application is not device friendly  Angular Application is Device friendly
AngularJS is based on MVC(model-view-controller) architecture. It is components and directives based.
Not SEO Optimized in terms of URL SEO Optimized.
Not have Animation Package Have Animation Package

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